Build List:

  • Billet HD low stall single disc torque converter
  • Full overhaul kit
  • Transmission filter
  • Bronze pump bushing
  • Bronze front clutch bushing
  • Pro-line band
  • Billet 3.8 band lever, strut, and anchor kit
  • Thrust washer kit
  • Billet accumulator piston 
  • Billet 2nd gear servo cover (o-ringed)
  • Low reverse sprague
  • Overdrive sprague
  • Upgraded valve body

47/48RE Towing Transmission w/ Converter

PriceFrom $3,400.00
  • Refundable Core Charge is $1,200. Core must be rebuildable of same model of transmission and torque converter. Core will be inspected prior to any type of refund. Customer is responsible for any shipping or charges incurred to send core to Top Gear Performance. Any cores returned after 30 days from purchase date subject to reduced refund amount which will be determined by Top Gear Performance. Cores returned after 6 months from purchase are subject to no core credit unless prior approval. 

    To return your core, you must first drain it of any fluids. Shipping carriers will not tolerate fluid damage. We will not accept leaking packages; sender will be liable for damages and freight. 

    Core returns must include the following information: name, date of purchase, invoice number, address, and phone number. 



    (1) This warranty covers parts, labor and the cost of replacing transmission fluid only. This warranty is NON-TRANSFERRABLE and is only EXTENDED to the PERSON & VEHICLE NAMED ON WARRANTY PAPERWORK. It does not cover such things as shipping,  towing, loss of use, loss of earnings, personal damages, per diem expenses, or any other consequential or incidental damages. Warrantor’s obligation under this warranty is limited to replacing or repairing defective parts and correcting defectively furnished labor.  Internal transmission electrical components are warrantied for 90 days from original invoice date. 

    (2) It also DOES NOT COVER transmissions whose engines have been modified to produce more output (horsepower or torque) beyond the design limits of the transmission purchased. These items include, but are not limited to: superchargers; turbo chargers; nitrous oxide; aftermarket fuel injection systems; internal engine modifications or replacement engines that are larger than designed for the transmission purchased. Or vehicles that have had drivetrain modifications that cause a load on the transmission that exceeds the design limits. These items include, but are not limited to: substantially larger tires or a change in the differential gear ratio (one that is not available as an option with the vehicle). Or if the vehicle exceeds the designed gross weight suggested by the manufacturers (i.e., heavy tool chests, boom, etc.), or towing an item that is heavier than the towing limits placed by the vehicle manufacturer.

    (3) The work performed can many times fail, due to no fault of the warrantor. Parts related to, but not part of the transmission, can fail after the transmission job is completed, thereby adversely affecting the transmission, torque converter or seals. Under these circumstances, your warranty is not valid. In no way can the warrantor predict these events, and therefore is not responsible for them. A partial list of related parts is set forth in the next paragraph.

    (4) The warrantor is responsible only for the parts and labor purchased by the customer on the invoice that prompted issuance of this warranty, and not for subsequent failures of, or damage resulting from related parts or units as shown in the following: these items consisting of, but not limited to: a. levers; b. controls; c. linkage; d. radiator; e. coolers; f. rubber mounts; g. external oil lines; h. electrical/electronic components (computer control units, modules, actuators, sensors, solenoids, faulty wiring, mouse chewed wiring, etc.) external to the transmission.

    (5) Coverage will be excluded if the transmission, differential and/or case fail due to UNINTENTIONAL or INTENTIONAL misuse or abuse (i.e., stuck in the mud, ice/sleet on streets/ roads, steep inclines, etc.). Coverage will not apply to any product that has been abused resulting in broken or fractured shafts and or hard parts.

    (6) The warranty will not be valid if the vehicle has been used for towing purposes unless a proper transmission cooler has been installed on the vehicle, nor will it be valid if the transmission assembly has been tampered with outside of warrantor; or if it has been improperly installed by other than the shop of the warrantor; or if factory approved fluid has not been used in the assembly; or if there has been unintentional/intentional misuse, or damaged in an accident.

    (7) The warranty will NOT BE VALID IF ALTERED in any way.

    (8) The warranty will be void if Warranty Holder (person named on page 1) or any of the warranty holder’s family members misrepresent, slander or defame warrantor’s business and/or products via the internet, e-mail, phone call, messages, videos, or person to person.  It will also be void if Warranty Holder (person named on page 1) or any of the warranty holder’s family members threaten the warrantor or any of the warrantor’s employees. 


    (1) Have the transmission checked within 15 days from the date of delivery for oil levels, leaks and shift pattern. The warrantor shop will do this for you without charge.

    (2) Check fluid level in the transmission every time you check your motor oil, for the first 60 days.

    (3) Have maintenance completed in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations as listed in your owner’s manual.

    (4) Retain your service receipts and invoices as proof of proper maintenance.